Our supporting organization is responsible for financing the entire operation. The business manager works closely together with members of the internal circle.

Each month we have to pay salaries, operation costs, expenditures for the joint breakfasts, and for educational materials. In addition, we have expenses for the creation and furnishing of class rooms.

The Prefecture of Várzea da Roça is assuming payment of teachers’ salaries. Part of the payment of our expenditures is covered by donations. Whenever possible the parents of our students contribute to our finances by paying a monthly fee based on their individual capability.

One of the great problems is getting donations. We are fortunate to have found well-intentioned supporters who help us build the school and we would like to use this venue as an opportunity to thank them most sincerely! These supporters are listed as sponsors (Apoio) in the footnotes of each page.
We, our parents and the State/Government are now expected to take care of administrative costs. Unfortunately, there are very few sponsors who understand how difficult it is to find the money in order to finance the day-to-day operational costs for a school in our socially and economically weak environment. We are lucky that there are at least some sponsors, whom we know personally, who support us with monthly donations and thus contribute, at least for the time being, to the existence and maintenance of our project.

From 2004 – 2010, we had also created a charitable support organization “Pro Juventute – Bahia e.V.” in Germany, which we have since had to dissolve due to administrative reasons. “The Friends of Rudolf Steiner’s Art of Pedagogy e.V.” were so kind as to take over managing the donations we receive.

We depend on the monthly donations and school fees from parents in order to pay our remaining salaries. Our colleagues are idealists who fully support our objectives and fulfill their tasks with great joy and dedication. We regret deeply that we cannot adequately reward them financially – especially since the people here really depend on their earnings.

In the future, we will also try to make a profit through the sale of items we produce ourselves in order to help support the school.