After the association was founded in 2007, we were asked to first establish kindergarten and school classes for the city’s children. Gradually, however, the population has also become interested in our pedagogic methods. When we established our Waldorf Kindergarten we were very happy that we found a leader in Solange, who had worked as a nursery school teacher in Monte Azul for more than 20 years. She had been one of the first children who had knocked on Ute Craemer’s door. Solange taught one group for over three years and provided us with her wealth of experience until our native teachers were ready to take over.
On September 29, 2009 we started with a kindergarten and one group of 14 children. The class was housed in private rooms until the end of 2014.
At the beginning of 2014 we added a second group which was taught in the afternoons due to the existing lack of space. The request for kindergarten placement is great. Our experience has shown that the children who graduate from our kindergarten and go on to attend our school have good social prerequisites, due also to the fact that the parents are and have been involved all along. For these reasons we have attempted to find new rooms.
Toward the end of 2014 and with the support of the BMZ (Bundesministerium für Zusammenarbeit = Federal Bureau of Cooperation) we were thus able to build a kindergarten facility for two groups on school property. This building is being used for two groups since February 2015.
Our wish for the future is to also offer afternoon kindergarten sessions so that the children can be taken care of all day and can be occupied in a meaningful way.