Since 2015 we operate a kindergarten for 2 groups of children ages 3-6 in our own building located on our school grounds.

Monday – Friday        7:45 am / 8:00 am – 12:30 pm / 12:00 pm

If we have openings available during the school year we will always accept new children – after prior discussions with the parents.

Parents ought to know that the focus of our work does not lie in dropping off their children for the purpose of intellectual learning, which many find unusual; however, we want to, first of all, maintain and foster their childhood; we want to give them a sense of security and provide a loving environment in which we let them explore and conquer the world around them through play.

The day’s activities are arranged into a daily, unvarying rhythm that is based on the Waldorf pedagogy. It is very important to us that all children arrive on time and that they all participate in these activities.

8:00 am                   Arrival
8:10 am                   Dancing together in the round
8:30 am                   Unstructured play time in the classroom, assisting with the  preparation of breakfast
9:00 am                   Breakfast for all
9:30 am                   Play time in the garden
10:15 am                 Supervised activities (painting, sewing, crafts, baking, music, rhythmic play)
11:00 am                 All help to clean up
11:15 am                 Dancing together in the round before saying good-bye

The child is always the focus of our work. In cooperation with the parents we want to lovingly foster the child’s development and growth. Since children learn a great many things simply through imitation, our teachers are extremely conscious of their own exemplary behavior and work. As infants and toddlers all children naturally absorb their first impressions in their home environment. We consciously attempt to copy such an environment in the kindergarten and, in addition, try to supplement it with meaningful activities.

Important and sound aspects pertaining to our work are:
Loving and kind interactions
Age-appropriate, individual training

Our activities and the natural materials used in play stimulate the development of all the senses and help to intensify fundamental experiences in the children. We purposely do not force intellectual learning, but instead promote a sound mind-spirit and physical development which will then become the basis for all future learning. We reject premature reading and writing and the use of all (electronic) media by young children, since these have been proven to exert a negative influence on early childhood development.