As of the beginning of the 2015 school year we have been teaching five grades at Escola Anael.

Monday – Friday                  8:00 – 12:00

It is important that the students start in the first grade at our school, because our teaching methods are very different from those applied at local schools and our curriculum builds from grade upon grade. However, if spaces are available we will admit new students into existing classes after prior and thorough discussions with the parents. Close cooperation between school and parents is important to the development of the child. We, therefore, require the parents’ participation in teacher-parent conferences, informative talks and common projects and we depend on a mutually complementary education. Since it has been proven that excessive use of electronic media at the elementary school level can lead to serious problems we urge parents to supervise their children and to limit such use. The focal point of the work of our school is a healthy mind-spirit and physical development of the child. We stress age-appropriate contents which we experience and work through in their entirety and with total intensity together with our students.
Our objectives are the same as those of the public schools, our teaching method, however, is based on the pedagogy of Rudolf Steiner. Important subjects and methods are, among others, appreciating the interaction with others, learning through discovery, imagination, aesthetics, dependability, the ability to discriminate …

During the lunch break we offer an excellent, healthy meal prepared in our school kitchen.