We Asked 17 Black Guys When They Would Date Outside Of The Race

We Asked 17 Black Guys When They Would Date Outside Of The Race

. and their answers are priced between pretty real to petty that is pretty.

Published September 18,

Wayment! Are people still opposed to dating outside of their race in ? I know, being truly a Black man, you need to stay attached to the culture in this uncertain social weather. However when it comes to love, is checking out your options taboo or completely appropriate?

Regarding the episode that is latest of Insecure, Molly, played by Yvonne Orji, declined to take a romantic date with a seemingly good man because he wasn’t Black. Wowww, Molly! BUT I appreciate your loyalty to us men that are black. (Wakanda forever!) Her girls begin to grill her about how insane she sounded for planning to keep it inside the culture. Not merely was her girl Issa confused AF about Molly’s restrictions that are dating so ended up being BlackTwitter.

Molly will strike a married man although not A asian one?

Molly and her damn ‘standards’ don’t wanna date outside her race but not afraid to date inside of a wedding union. Sis. InsecureHBO

— The Chatty Pattys Podcast (@TheChattyPattys) 17, 2021 september

Don’t get it twisted though. There were some that agreed with her 100 percent!

InsecureHBO Molly wishes effective African-Americans neighbors She really wants to use African-Americans that are educated, politically correct, ahead thinking & deep. It doesn’t surprise me personally that her mind just isn’t exactly closed to dating other events but prefers a man that is black.

i must say I felt that whenever Molly said she didn’t up wanna“catch somebody on the culture”

like i really don’t got the time, i really don’t InsecureHBO