34 Christian Concerns Every Few Should Ask Before Wedding

34 Christian Concerns Every Few Should Ask Before Wedding

Renee Fisher

Every couple should ask themselves before they get married in honor of my brother Richard’s engagement to his beautiful fiance Nicole, I’m sharing 34 Christian questions.

Before Marc and I also began counseling, he penned up with a listing of 34 Christian premarital questions. You read that right. He w-r-o-t-e these relevant concerns because he could be that brilliant. Mostly because we had a complete large amount of concerns. The concerns we had been finding in many counseling that is premarital, seminars, and such were not just what he had been searching for.

Marc arrived up with one of these relevant concerns after learning the writings of Count Zinzendorf. What I love many they continually point back to Scripture, and revisiting these questions is making me fall in love with Marc all over again about them is how. I can not believe we are going to commemorate 5 years this October!!

There are specific concerns every couple should ask before wedding. Please utilize these 34 Christian premarital concerns to strengthen your relationship, whether you’re dating, engaged, or hitched: